Bể đun nước Thermax Water Bath

  • Thương hiệu: AS ONE
  • Mã sản phẩm: 1-4594-31-22
  • Quy cách (Đóng gói): 1 piece
  • Giá nhà sản xuất: 14,418,000 ¥

Đặc tính và thông số kỹ thuật

Model number: TM-1 A
Main unit dimensions (mm): 147 x 150 x 295
Effective inner dimensions (mm): : 183 x 241 x 153
Type: Waterbus
*Temperature adjustment range: R.T. + 5 to 80 °C
*Temperature control accuracy: ±1.0 °C (Our Company test value)
*Temperature settings range: 20.0 to + 80.0 °C (There is no cooling function on the main unit. Use an external cooling device (Options). )
Function: Anomalous heating prevention device (thermostat)
*Sensor: Pt 100Ω
*Heater capacity: 1 kW
standards :
*Stirring mechanism: jet stirring type
*pumps ability: Maximum discharge amount lifting height/10 L/min/1.4 m
*Timer setting range: 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes (Per minute)
*Clamp attachable width: 40mm
*power supply : AC100V 50/60Hz
*Accessories: water tank (Thermal ABS Plastic)
This product can be used for validation services (IQ/OQ). Please contact us.
*The Validation Service is a service that performs installation qualification (IQ) and operating performance qualification (OQ) at the customer’s site, and submits inspection documents.