Dây vải Toray S3E-25×1.5

  • Thương hiệu: TORAY
  • Mã sản phẩm: 61-2995-80
  • Quy cách (Đóng gói): 1 piece
  • Giá nhà sản xuất: 495,000 ¥

Đặc tính và thông số kỹ thuật

Length (M): 1.5
Maximum working load (T): 0.8
belt Dimensions (mm) width x Thickness: 25×8 – 9
Mass (kg): 0.40
JIS B 8818 Standards product
Application: slinging equipment.
Country of origin: Japan
Weight: 0.40kg
* Fiber product is so Dimensions to error. 2 sets in strict Length alignment is required if the advance to consult.
* luggage sharp angle and Friction by Webbing Sling such as Fiber reuse Ring to damage risk is the, always corner pad such as pad using the.
* pad use even baggage slip and around the wall or other object to contact pressure such as by a Ring but damage and cutting may \ r so the working environment for 10 minutes Note the Use.
Manufacturer’s model number: S3E25X1 5
CODE No.: 360-4802